Having a comfortable day at workHaving a comfortable day at work

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Having a comfortable day at work

I have always ended up with back pain at the end of a long day at work and I'm determined to change it. I spoke to the team at work and we got a chiropractor to come in and give us some suggestions on small things we can do to improve the way that our back feels at the end of the day, like having our desks set up better, stretching and having regular chiropractic adjustments before you start feeling pain. This blog is all about proactive ways office workers can look after their backs and work with chiropractors to solve back problems.

Chiropractic: The Natural Solution to Your Child’s Bedwetting Problem

Affecting 1 in 5 Australian children, bedwetting isn't an uncommon problem. Nevertheless, it can be a source of unhappiness for children and parents alike. Many parents experience stress and worry about their child's bedwetting, while many children can experience low self-esteem, suffer disrupted sleep that affects grades, and miss out on rites of passage like sleepovers. Your paediatrician may have recommended medication to solve your little one's persistent bedwetting problem, but your child might not need to suffer the potential side effects of pharmaceuticals. Read More