Having a comfortable day at workHaving a comfortable day at work

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Having a comfortable day at work

I have always ended up with back pain at the end of a long day at work and I'm determined to change it. I spoke to the team at work and we got a chiropractor to come in and give us some suggestions on small things we can do to improve the way that our back feels at the end of the day, like having our desks set up better, stretching and having regular chiropractic adjustments before you start feeling pain. This blog is all about proactive ways office workers can look after their backs and work with chiropractors to solve back problems.

Overcoming Jiu-Jitsu Injuries

Martial arts training by it's very nature is physically demanding and, as such, can take quite a toll on your body. With grappling arts such as jiu-jitsu and judo, it's not uncommon for tension to build up, especially in newer practitioners who often fail to relax, which can result in tight muscles in the hands, neck and back region. If you're training for a competition you need to ensure that you are able to compete injury free to allow you to fight to your fullest potential, but also to protect your spine which is where many jiu-jitsu injuries occur. Read More 

Combatting Neck Pain in the Office

Neck pain is a frequent symptom of poor posture and muscle imbalances. Not only can it cause large amounts of discomfort, it can also prevent you from staying active and thus be detrimental to your health. There are many issues that can cause neck pain; however, following this simple guide will provide you with a number of basic, everyday quick fixes to help you relieve tension and maintain a healthy lifestyle whilst at work. Read More 

Non-Surgical Options You Can Consider To Treat Lower Back Pain

Chronic back pain is an ailment that a significant number of people suffer from as they get older. Some of the reasons why you could be suffering from lower back pain include irritation of your nerves, muscle pulls, muscle spasms, slipped disc and more. For some individuals, the pain may be too excessive that their first instinct is to resort to surgical procedures to alleviate this pain. However, you can also deal with this pain without pharmaceuticals or invasive clinical measures. Read More 

Three Things to Know About Sports-Related Whiplash

Whiplash occurs when your head and neck is knocked forward, then backward, in a swift motion. It can cause everything from headaches to confusion and mood disturbances. A common cause of whiplash is by playing sports, particularly contact sports like football. Here are some things you should know about sports-related whiplash. What happens during whiplash? When you experience heavy impact during a contact sport that causes your head to jolt forward, then backward, it causes hyperextension of your body temporarily. Read More